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OOC: Missing Asks!



Okay, maybe not the final answer, but part of the problem! Asks keep getting eaten. Which is a big problem when you’re doing something anon and don’t want to ask the person “did you get it”? 

If the ask contains an ellipsis without a trailing space, it gets eaten. It says delivered, but it goes nowhere.

So “Well… then” will get delivered but “Well…then” won’t!

Hopefully this helps in getting your asks actually delivered.))

(Sleep time. Will hopefully try to be more active on this blog again!)

(Okay, so.)

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pokemonguys replied to your post: (And suddenly my dash goes quiet.)

(And suddenly my dash goes quiet.)

IMPORTANT: “Security Warning”


If you come across this screen, I have a few steps that will help you out of it. 

The screen you are seeing is a virus. It gets you to confirm your email address, and sends a false link to your email account and hacks into your computer, email, Tumblr page, everything. Not to worry though, there is a way to get rid of it!

Seeing as the virus will not let you log out, you can only see the ” Security Warning ” screen. What you need to do is delete all of your internet browser’s history so you are forced to log back in again…

When you refresh your page after you get rid of all of your internet history, you will come back to the normal Tumblr page but this doesn’t mean your mission is over. What you need to do is go up to the regular log in page, and instead of logging in you must click the “Forgot your password?” option under log in input boxes and follow the steps from there.

It’s very important that you change both your Tumblr and Email passwords, because the virus has successfully hacked into both and the only way to get rid of it is to change the password.

After all of that, you’re home free. No worries! I hope this helps some of you for future reference, and I hope that I can help any one who had the same problem as I did! :)  

( > search for Sonic Stadium )

bluedudewithatude replied to your post: (Wow, I say I’m gonna be more active this weekend…

( Be-because idk I feel like I’ve neglected you or you hate me secretly when I really love you and wish we were closer as friends and I adore your roleplays s-so.. I just…wait it out? )

(hgsdfhasedrf BABU I COULD NEVER SECRETLY HATE YOU, ILUUUU. ;w; /squishes

I don’t know, I’ve just been REALLY procrastinating on everything lately, been in a weird slump. And I think I’m going through a quarter-life crisis, since I literally have NO IDEA what I wanna do in life. FFUUUUUU-

Why can’t fangirling and roleplaying on Tumblr be a professional career, damnit.)

(Wow, I say I’m gonna be more active this weekend and I do jack-shit.)